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Dark circles, ageing skin and wrinkles around the eyes is predominately cause by a decrease in elastin and collagen in the skin. Elastin enables your skin to stretch and bounce back and collagen is the main connective tissue protein in the body which helps to hold our skin together and keep it firm. The skin around our eyes is some of the thinnest skin in our body and so is often the first place to show signs of ageing. Fluid can also build up underneath our eyes which can add to the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Signs and symptoms of tired eyes include

  • Dark circles

  • Crow's feet

  • Sagging Skin

  • Wrinkles

  • Puffy eyes

  • Sunken Eyes 

  • Eye bags


Treat your under eyes with care: The skin around your eyes are really delicate and need to be treated gently. 

  • Cucumber under the eyes: This really does work! It has a cooling effect on the skin and the ascorbic acid helps to naturally lighten dark circles. As well as this it helps to reduce the swelling under the eyes and the vitamin E help to reduce wrinkles.

  • Treat with care: Rubbing your eyes and being rough with the gentle skin underneath the eyes can cause dark circles to become darker. Try to avoid touching the skin under your eyes as much as you can. When you come to treat the skin under your eyes, try to dab and not rub.

  • Hydroquinone and retinoid skin peels: can be prescribed by dermatologists. Hydroquinone helps to lighten the dark circles, whereas  retinoids help to remove and replace the darker skin.

  • Suncreen: As alway helps to protect the skin cells from harmful UV-radiation. The sun contributes to tired eyes and increases wrinkles, sagging skin and hyperpigmentation.

  • Eye Serum: Packed full of concentrated ingredients that are able to reduce the dark marks underneath the eyes and help to plump up the skin. 

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