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Large pores are a known to everyone but a friend to noone. They are caused by depressions in the skin, where the openings of sweat glands or sebaceous glands are found. Large pores are seen across all races at all ages so none of us are safe. Large pores can be caused by excessive sebum (oil) on their skin or a decrease in elasticity around their skin making the pores feel larger.

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Certain factors can contribute to large pores include: 

  • Using comedogenic makeup (makeup which clogs up the pores)

  • Sun damage

  • Increasing age

  • Acne


  • Double wash: Once with an oil based cleaner and next with a water-based cleanser. Double cleansing is clinically proven by dermatologists to clean your skin. This process makes sure all the build up, dirt, oil and sweat is thoroughly removed from the pores.

  • Makeup: Choose your makeup wisely, making sure to pick brands that are 'non-comedogenic'. Never sleep with your make up (always keep makeup wipes by your bed at the very least) and try to have as many makeup-free days as possible.

  • Exfoliation: This step is really key for good skin from nearly every angle. It removes dirt and grease and replaces dead and dying skin cells. They help reduce the size of pores by unclogging them. Salicylic acid is a fantastic chemical exfoliator.

  • Clay Masks: Clay masks penetrate the skin and help to soak up excess oil that is built into pores. This can be used once or twice a week to help remove excess oil.

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Topical Retinoids: Chemicals that are derived from vitamin A. These chemicals are targeted at oil producing sebaceous glands. Helping to reduce the oil from the source

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