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Laughter Lines


A joyful heart is good medicine and laughter is the best kind. Whilst laughter lines are representative of many years of happiness, they can make us look older. As the skin ages, it loses elastin and collagen, which are proteins that help to keep the skin firm and full of elasticity. When our skin loses this elasticity, then lines begin to appear along natural creases that are made whenever we smile and laugh. Laughter lines appear mostly in our late 30s and 40s but some people experience them in their teens as part of their genetic makeup.


SPF is the most important ingredient to good, healthy skin. UV radiation causes DNA-damage and photoageing, accentuating the fine lines and wrinkles caused by laughter lines. SPF is an important way to block out the sun and help prevent smile lines and wrinkles.

Stop Smoking: Using the same principles as why you need SPF. Smoking is so detrimental to having youthful skin. It causes DNA-damaged and introduces free-radicals into your skin. Put down the cigarette and pick up the moisturiser.

Moisturising oils: You can use rose oil, coconut oil or avocado oil to introduce oils into the skin and naturally moisturise the skin to keep it hydrated and fuller. 

Exfoliate: The key to great skin is exfoliation. This helps remove dead and dying skin cells and dirt and allows skin to fuller absorb moisturiser.

Skin fillers: Such as Juvederm involve injecting a solution such as hyaluronic acid into the skin which helps to fill out and improve the skins elasticity.

Fraxel is a laser resurfacing technique that causes the skin to produce new collagen. The collagen produced by your skin increases the firmness and helps to plump it out. Results can be seen almost immediately.


Microdermabrasion: One of my favourite skin techniques. This also helps to stimulate collagen in your skin to produce firmer skin. 

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