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We all have a pigment inside of our skin called melanin. The amount of melanin in our skin determines how dark our skin, eyes and hair are. Those with darker skin have greater amounts of melanin. 

In certain situations, our skin cells can become damaged. Our bodies' respond to this by producing more melanin to 'protect the skin'. This disregulated production of melanin can lead to areas of darker skin which is blotchy and uneven. This is called hyperpigmentation. 

Factors that can increase hyperpigmentation in your skin: 

  • acne scarring 

  • popping of spots

  • hormonal changes

  • increased exposure to UV radiation

  • ageing


SPF: Ultraviolet rays from the sun will worsen hyperpigmentation and make your uneven dark spots even darker. Make sure you wear SPF on a daily basis and protect your skin. Remember that you need to wear sunscreen even in the winter. So long as it's daylight, the sun is out.

Skincare routine: It is so important to exfoliate and tone your skin as part of your skin routine to help remove dead skin cells and keep a natural balance to your skin.

Glycolic acid peel: An excellent way to remove and replace dead and dying skin cells. Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring active ingredient that helps to remove and replace dead and damaged skin cells and lighten dark marks. 

Jessner skin peel: This skin peel contains another naturally occurring acid: Lactic acid. The lactic acid helps to combat hyperpigmentation and also helps to unclog pores and reduce inflammation. 

Microdermabraison: This technique is done by a trained professional. It works by using fine microcrystals across the skin to remove the top layer of skin cells. As well as helping to combat dark marks. It also rejuvinates the face, leaving your skin with a younger, fresher appearance.

Fraxel: This treatment uses a soft laser across the skin, essentially resurfacing the top surface of your skin. This laser helps to kick-in your skins healing process and causes your skin to rejuvinate from the inside out.

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