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Stretch marks are minor tears in the skin that occur due to growth and overstretching. Stretch marks are extremely common, and whilst they do not cause any medical problems, they can lead to aesthetic concern. They occur more commonly in people who have thick skin with reduced elasticity.

Stretch marks can occur:

  • in teenagers who have growth spurts

  • pregnant women

  • overweight people

  • body builders

  • those who take steroids (cortical and anabolic)

  • they in opeople with Cushing's syndrome 


Stretch marks are difficult to remove completely, but there is a lot to do to help reduce the appearnce of them.

  • Moisturise: Hydrated skin is so important to keep the skin supple and retain as much elasticity as possible.

  • Retinoids are some of the most powerful ingredients for healthy skin. They help to rebuild the collagen in your skin and hence reduce the lines created by rapid growth.

  • Laser therapy:  Tricks your skin into thinking it's injured by delivering pulse of energy to the skin's surface. This encourages the growth of collagen or elastin in your skin, which are the two proteins that help keep your skin firm and elastic.

  • Microdermabrasion: A technique that sprays crystals onto the surface of your skin. The crystals are able to remove the outer layer of skin cells which causes new, more elastic skin to grow in its place.

  • Microneedling: needs to be done by a trained healthcare professional or aesthetician works by making tiny puncture marks in the skin and so stimulates the bodies healing process stimulating collagen and elastin to be produced in the skin. This process takes some time to see results.

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