Smashed Avocado and Beetroot Hummus on Sourdough

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Yes! start your day right with this delicious breakfast/ brunch recipe. I literally eat it everyday and keep coming back for more.


  • Sliced sourdough

  • Poached Egg ( or Salmon)

  • Beetroot Hummus

  • Smashed Avocado

  • Seed Mix


  • Spread some smashed avocado and/ or beetroot hummus onto a slice of toasted sourdough.

  • Garnish with some baby plum tomatoes on the vine or some wild rocket.

  • Place your poached egg onto the toast.

  • Sprinkle black pepper and mixed seeds on your toast.

  • Enjoy.



1) Dab some olive oil on a piece of kitchen roll.

2) Wipe the kitchen roll on a section of clingfilm.

3) Crack the egg onto the clingfilm and make into an egg bag.

4) Pop the cling-film egg bacg into boiling water.

5) Wait until egg whites are perfectly cooked and the egg yolk is perfectly runny.

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