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Welcome to the Joyful Skin Clinic

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

2020 is the year for big things. One of those things being the Joyful Skin Clinic by me Dr. Fab. I've always considered myself to be a Doctor-preuner and this is my chance to combine the things I love: health, beauty and entrepreunalism all in one.

I believe that being beautiful is all about looking healthy, and looking healthy means being healthy. Eating well, self-care and treating your skin with TLC is a way of life that I've loved since becoming a doctor. Join me on the journey to wellness and have healthy, happy skin we me.

The clinic is launching with two main treatments:

  • The Joyful Skin Signature Facial

  • Glycolic Skin Peel

Check out the treatments in more detail here.

The journey starts here so watch this space for more updates, treatment and press.

Love Dr. Fab

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